Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Photos from Puebla

 Photos from our recent excursion to Cholula and Puebla - two hours from our home in Cuernavaca!

Popocatépel, an active volcano, emitting a little smoke for our drive home

, , , an indigenous ceremony still performed today!

Men in Cholula performing the Danza de los Voladores , , ,

CGE Intern, Ryan, enjoying Puebla's culinary
specialty of chicken and mole!
Stephanie N., Katelyn, and Stephanie V.
diving into the infamous mole! 
The striking church in Puebla's main square


  1. Beautiful photos -- thanks so much for sharing Mexico!

  2. WOW! I Love your picture of the Popocatépel volcano. It looks so calm and quiet. I hope to come visit Mexico and see all the beautiful place and taste the yummy food.

  3. The excursion to Puebla has to be my favorite of the whole semester. During this time i feel like I was exposed to so much of what Mexico is and was further intergrated into the culture. Learning about the architecture also taught me about some of the history of Mexico and how it that is still holding influence in the present day. The group also really bonded during this time and I loved that the host families had the opportunity to join us as well. It was definitely worth the drive!
    Thank you so much for sharing these!